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Class 9






Atomic Structure And Chemical Bonding


Which sub-atomic particle was ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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show class what what chat with did was his name was James Edward he performed this experiment he took some Alpha particles and he bombarded these particles to a Boron film or we could share Boron screen then after vomiting these particles into this boron film hero exam sun rays you observe some rest and the nature of the race was neutral it was having more charge in nature was neutral so after that he decided to pass this race through a backslash structure shreshth strike the wax Proton was projected out and it was shooted out protons positively charged particles was rejected out from back

so what he concluded from this experiment is that the nature of these race was unknown and it was having a massive mass which was enough to reject total so he concluded that the mass race prequel to mass of proton because in this experiment it could be seen that the mass of Race should be enough to just returned it should be equal and he named it neutral hence the Discovery live here neutron thank you class

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