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Class 11






Alkenes And Alkadienes


Which statements is/are corre...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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It shows five structural isomers. It shows six structural isomers. It shows six structural isomers and stereoisomers. It shows seven structural isomers and stereoisomers.

Answer : a,c
Solution : `D.U.` for `(A)=1^(@)`. So it is alkene or cyclic. Considering only alkene, various structures of `(A)` are as follows `:` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hi everyone ke question so here are the question is which statement is or are correct about the isomeric compound excluding the cyclic isomers of the air that is c5h 10 ok so here we have to consider the isomers but we don't have to consider the cyclic isomers ok so you have a c5h 10 if we draw the isomers of first isomer can be this 12345 ok this is our first I saw my right but it will not have any sister trans metrical isomerism of stereoisomerism right so this is first and if we draw the s s can be this here we have this here we have methyl group 1234 but this one is also with carbon so we have completed the c5h 10 ok and withdraw the third one so third one can be this this

we have the 211 IPC we have 123455 Karbonn so yes it is also correct know if we see and other structures so that can be this one here we have here we have also we have the five carbon so that is this is fourth one ok so hair if we draw the another isomer for the c5h 10 so that will be this one here we have double bond and so here we see this represents the transform right here if I write this representation like this like this right so this represent the transit means that it will also have the seas form so that form will be like this year we have this group here we have at here we have at ok hair methyl and here we have a chair we have at and here we have them

file and here we have the right to this one is a versus form this one is transform it means that it has total 5 structural isomers and the City video ok 62 Anees including the stereoisomers every statement is true of file structure yes it is correct if we don't see the Sesa transformation then it shows the total 5 isomer show stick structure and know it's your 6 structure is summer and steal it is correct it including the sister entrance we have in total 6807 it is incorrect correct statement is our first statement and the third statement so this is our answer thank you

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