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Class 12






General Principles And Processes Of Isolation Of Elements


Which ore of the following is ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Pyrolusite Magnetite Malachite Cassiterite

Answer : B

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question of the following is a mineral of iron is question difference between rocks from their metal is extracted and the metal which is extracted it must be in a convenient way way so I repeat from the metal can be extracted so this is what about the core we have to know what is mineral is defined as all naturally occurring

tenses present in Earth crust is known as hair in order to extract the metal Ore is taken not because it from there the metal can be accessed and one important point is that has definite composer metal which is to be attracted to be taken off from the ground if we know the chemical composition of all these metals can you find that which mineral is regarding the jet iron is having the chemical composition of

mno2 that is f is not present so it will not be given the lord the iron it is clear know in case of magnetite it is having the three or four oxide of iron from iron metal magnetite is the answer but we have to check whether we can make all the things that it is having composition of of copper along which the carbonate of the Hydroxide is having the composition of copper in form of carbonate and Hydroxide is not your answer because we need to know in case of a capacitor write its chemical composition is Asin go to that is oxide

we can say that it is not containing and it will be the chemical composition of all the mental in the proper definition of and it is important and usually asked in exam

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