Which one of the following statements is incorrect ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Crystalline solids have sharp melting and boiling points FCC possesses closest packing of atoms in it Increase in pressure in ionic solids may decrease coordination number NaCl has 6:6 coordination number

Answer :


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class 12 question is which of the following statement is incorrect first is crystalline solid have sharp melting and boiling point ok second is fcc per closest packing of atoms in 8 3rd is increased in pressure increases in pressure ionic solid main may decrease coordination number and the last one is NaCl has 6 ratio 6 coordination number ok then if we analysis shift 2 analysis of a statement that first take statement is correct because of crystalline solid have sharp melting point sharp melting point and also sharp boiling point This is the property of crystalline solid and due to this sharp melting point and boiling point there will be non continuous like this discontinuous ok

because they have sharp melting and boiling point for example ice ice is a crystalline solid and it have a melting point of 0disha ok but amorphous solid have melting point and boiling point in a range of temperature for example wax wax melts between 40 to 50 degree centigrade temperature but there is no fixed temperature when Max a wax will melt on the temperature it melts in a range of temperature then for statement is correct S statement is acid possess closest packing of atoms ok we know that if packing efficiency will be higher than the closest packing we can say that is packing absence

more than 70% more than 70% then the structure will be known as a close packing structure close packing structure and in fcc hcp packing efficiency 74% in BCC packing efficiency is almost 80% and nscc taking a process is only 52% so that among these three fcc has higher closest packing of atoms as statement is also correct and the third statement increase in pressure in ionic solid may decrease coordination number ok when we increase the pressure on any ionic solid this is ionic solid let's have an example + - + - this is an

solid and if we increase pressure on this solid then atoms if we increase pressure then atom will come close to each other on increasing pressure atom will come close to each other and due to atoms come close to each other then went pressure in coordination number will also increased not decreased ok coordination number will increase the third statement is incorrect and what is fourth statement if we see 4th statement is NaCl has 6 ratio 6 coordination number ok then in NaCl structure we know that CL minus the CL minus is in fcc and an A+ is in octahedral void in octahedral void the coordination number of n is 6 then we can say that in NaCl crystal 1 naagin198 plus

will touches 26 l minus ions and one CL minus and will touches 26 other any Plus and then the ratio of coordination number of cation and anion will be 6/6 means one and a plus will touches to 6th CL minus advancial management is 26 and press OK then the answer of this question will be third I hope you get your answer

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