Which one is the correct observation when `Br_(2)` is treated with NaF, NaCl and NaI taken in three test tubes labelled as (I), (II) and (III) ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

1. `F_(2)` is liberated in (X) and `Cl_(2)` in (Y). 2. Only `I_(2)` is liberated in (Z). 3. Only `Cl_(2)` is liberated in (Y). 4. Only `F_(2)` is liberated in (X).

Answer :
Solution :
More reactive halogen can displace less reactive halogen from its salt solution. `F_(2)` can displace `Cl_(2), Br_(2), I_(2)` from their salt solutions while `Cl_(2)` can displace `Br_(2) and I_(2)` from NaBr and Nal. `Br_(2)` can displace only `I_(2)` from Nal. <br> `2NaI+Br_(2)rarr2NaBr+I_(2)`


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hello students to the question says which one of which one is the correct observation when Dhoni br2 is treated with enough sodium fluoride NaCl sodium chloride and any which is Sodium iodide taken in three test tubes level does one two and three so we have to find out what will happen if we add br2 in the given three samples so we just to that the reactivity order of these nonmetals am talking about the non metals which is in the order of f then be sorry which is chlorine and then BR bromine and then I've been so this is the reactivity order in the decreasing order so as per the reactivity order we can see that Sodium

and sodium is also very active in nature so it has more affinity with chlorine than chlorine and bromine and Iodine so when sodium chloride is treated with bromine and writing the equation when enough is treated with bromine 9 reaction will take place S right no reaction because it has not the tendency to replace this flooring now let's talk about sodium chloride again the same thing will happen if we treat with this new reaction will happen because bromine cannot replace this chlorine but when bromine is treated with sodium iodide as you can see this will replace the iodine from sodium iodide and 12th form sodium Bromide and a bear and

Hydra will be selects balance up I am writing to this one will be to said to have been added to sodium to sodium Bromide reaction is balance so this only this reaction will take place remaining two reactions will not take place from the given options as I can see only I to is liberated in Z this is the right statement right answer that's all thank you

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