Which of these shows highest reactivity towards `S_(N)`2 reaction?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello students the question is which of these shows highest reactivity towards SN2 reaction of benzene to Methane Ethane propane to Tera of all these four options which one will show the highest reactivity towards SN2 reaction get tourist visa required by molecular nucleophilic substitution reaction to win in SN2 reaction forces policies of structures in the Flies like the structure of benzene is this right and then your chloromethane is like the ch3cl it is like this CH3 ch2 CL and this CH3 ch2 ch2 CL ok so here we need to tell the highest that

to Vinod that in SN2 reaction SN2 reaction it is inversely related to steric hindrance the rate of SN2 reaction is inversely related to what is inversely related to steric hindrance again here the rate of SN2 reaction that means how fast is going to take his it is related to the most balki group attached to the alliance group are attached to the elite group ok the fluid will be the rate of SN2 reaction to see here this hearing that is attached here methyl group is attached to the CL and I will herewith attached herewith attached near profile group is attached

steric hindrance that's why we can see here the least balki group is this methyl group ok out of all these for a benzene ring which is a very useful it will also be showing resonance with us because it will show as lens will be a partial 111 have a faster double bond character as you can see here here if you have a double bond character that's why I hear you have ethyl group attached to Karbonn A7 CH3 hear you have tea Gardens videos of even more than anything with more than methyl group and of course this is very very group sadasya correct answer will be what

what will happen when you ch3cl will attack let se West - acting as an amplifier here it will come and attack on the US and to mechanism and will give you as a minus b remove officer full form in this chloromethane as compared to the others why because it has the least bulkiest released but the group that this is not at all a while ki group Where are other groups are bulky and thus they will decrease the rate of SN2 reaction what is happening this is attacking on this side by side and CL is it will be found that gets its ok I hope you understand

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