Which of these factors does not govern the stability of a conformation in acyclic compounds?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Torsional strainAngle strain Electrostatic forces of interactionSteric interactions

Answer :
Solution :
Since in acylic compound angle strain is not present so option (2) is correct.


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which of these factors does a given the stability of a confirmation in a cyclic compound first we know about that what is a cyclic compound compound I just opposite to cyclic compound because they do not form any ring like cyclic compound it is cyclic compound are known as open chain compound because of their linear structure OK best example of a cyclic compound alkane to see the option torsional stay torsional steel or also called eclipsing Stri is the increasing potential energy due to repulsion between

electrons in the bond which do not share on an atom S is angle state angle strain is a type of instability which only occurs in cyclic compound angle strain is mainly for small rings whose internal angles are substantially smaller than 109 degrees centigrade ok option to is the correct answer of this question let us see the third option and put option also 3rd is electrostatic forces of attraction it isn't attraction between charges can either be positive or negative it is the attractive force between the

same 6 species attractive force between same charge attractive force between sorry here different charge and repulsive and repulsive force between same charges Nike plus plus negative negative hair plus negative and forth option is steric interaction interaction non bonding interactions which are responsible for shape and reactivity and reactivity of iron stand molecule molecules effect along with the electronic

effect dictate the shape and reactivity of a molecule option to choose the correct answer of this question answers train doesn't go and the stability of confirmation in a cyclic compound

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