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Class 12






Aiims 2008


Which of these compound is syn...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

DDT BHC chloroform Michlers ketone.

Answer : A
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so chloral actn3 pho2 which of these will be synthesized by chloral selected the synthesis of each of these options or number 1 starting from DDT it is dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane so it is synthesized by synthesized that is chlorobenzene 6-5 floral Sathya serial 3th o concentrated H2 S o4 that is hclo3 with benzene ring

light ok so this is DDT DDT is formed by the reaction of that is chlorobenzene with floral right now moving on to the second one that is BH that is Benzene hexachloride bht is synthesized when benzene ring is treated with that is 3 moles of chlorine in presence of Sunlight at 508 forms benzene hexachloride is benzene hexachloride Chloride and CL Pita known as BH now moving

on to the next that is chloro form of a number is chloro to chloroform is chcl3 so when ch4 is treated with 3 moles of cl2 IT form by free radical halogenation that is the three plus at song status last one with kitten how this michelle's kitten is form it is formed when cocl2 and 2 moles of teacher text

5 in MB IT form status me2 NH4 whole twice CO2 + H2O structure of acetone is like to benzene ring to benzene ring with a kitten like this is attached with one nitrogen Bittu methyl group same with that means it is also not prepared by that is floral that means are option number one is the correct answer that is only floral rest all are not found by


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