Which of the group `15` elelments are non-metallic ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
`underset ((A)) (NH_4NO_3) + NaOH rarr underset ("Non-inflammabl e gas") (NaNO_3) + H_2 O` <br> `NaNO_3 + 4Zn + 7NaOH rarr 4 Na_2 ZnO_2 + NH_3 + 2H_2 O` <br> `NH_4 NO_2 (A) + NaOH rarr NH_3 + NaNO_2 + H_2 O` <br> `3 Zn + 5 NaOH + NaNO_2 rarr 3 Na ZnO_2 + NH_3 + H_2 O`.


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show hello my dear I will come without Narsimha question is which of the following group 15 elements and nonmetal nitrogen Phosphorus arsenic and as we know that as we move ko down from the nitrogen Phosphorus and arsenic ok AG Phosphorus arsenic antimony and Bismuth ok from which month Shubh metallic nature will be increased Mitali nature ok metallic nature will be in metallic nature what will happen with signature will be in show show show nitrogen and non metal and

metal and this one antimony which medicine we have to ask the question which non metal is nitrogen and phosphorus option 1 thank you

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