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Class 11






Alkanes And Cycloalkanes


Which of the following yields ...

Which of the following yields both alkane and alkene ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

(a) Williamson's synthesis(b) Kolbe's reaction(c) Wurtz reaction(d) Sandmeyer's reaction

Answer : B
Solution : . Williamson's synthesis is used for the preparation of ether. <br> . Kolbe's reaction is used for the prepatation of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes. <br> . Wurtz reaction is used for the preparation of higher alkanes (even number and symmertrical alkanes when R group is the same). With two different R groups mixed, alkanes are obtained. <br> . Sandmeyer reaction is used for the preparation of varius compounds from diazo compounds.


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hello Vivah Ladka the question the questions that which of the following is both a and b having Williamson synthesis of ether so clearly this option is incorrect right because we have to find both alkane alkene and third of the woods reaction reaction is preparing higher alkane Soni reaction by using so this also do not provide alkane alkene is also reaction it both alkanes and alkenes so this will be our correct answer to let me show you are examples of this ok so I've seen as well as I change right so for the

process of coats reaction balconies predict the electrolysis of the sodium or potassium starter carboxylic acid Sodium Acetate ok 2 moles of sodium undergoes electrolysis ok so it gives alkane and along with that carbon dioxide to and we got Ethane rights this is Sodium Acetate really by using Cole reaction we got alkane now letters write an example for getting and also for alkene latest Ek the sodium salt of succinic acid ok so upon electrolysis are you can say reaction idiom to carbon dioxide ok

to any two electrons and along with that we get yes to double bonds yes ok this is the solution so option d is the correct answer thank you


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