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Class 12






Mock Test 34


Which of the following will no...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`C_2H_5OHoverset("Red P+ Br_2)rarr``C_2H_5OHoverset("SoCl_2)rarr`Both 1 and 2None of these

Answer : D

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everyone had the question is which of the following will not lead to the formation of dilated alkyl halide is in the form of Rs Where are that means Falcon group when I joined with any halogen so it is known as alkali sofa c h a given date is it was 5.1 react with red phosphorus + br2 Sohail when red phosphorus reacts with br2 it forms PVR 3 write it forms pbr3 first Java is C2 h5 C2 h5 so when it react with pbr3 pbr3 24 at oxygen there is lone pair and PR is electronegative highly electronegative that means electron withdrawing groups electron The Lone pair of oxygen

sorry electron of oxygen Phosphorus and it from C2 C2 h5 new Natasha with PT BR BR BR so from here this bond is black that is hydrogen break from here and from here we are brake light and it eliminated in the form of HBR in the form of HBR HBR and the next compound which is found that is seriously sorry C2 h5 or we can draw the structure of ch3cho and PVR to PVR 27 HP are so

this bear attack this beer - attack to this carbonate and from here this what is break at this what is break so the compound is formed at is CH3 ch2 BR and this compound is added with hydrogen so here that is h o p Bihar disease PVR to this is an acid so here we see that there is a form that you can win at halogen that is woman eating alkylated so it is not aur correct option next 6 hour C2 h5 when react with socl2 so let's hear C2 h5 when react with socl2 so if a CA

C2 h5 near at the oxygen again a lone pair is available and it take to this bond that is Rs 110 CL because CL is electronegative and it is electron withdrawing group so it with the electron from oxygen when it react with seat was fired from here HCL is eliminated and their structure formed at is ch2o is 111 CL right ones then this point is break that this one is break from here and CL attack to this coronavirus attack to this Karbonn so this from here when attached to this cover from here this point is break them and they for compound formed at is seriously CS2

so where we also see this is the an alkyl halide that can attach with halogen that is Karan so I also from alkyl but here in this question Itihaas that which of the following will not lead will not lead to the formation of alkali in the both the cases both the option jalkar halide is form so it or not our collective nouns or correct option is none of these letters D thank you

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