Which of the following transitions involves maximum amount of energy?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello the Khushi Se which of the following transition involves maximum amount of energy soft skills were given a - 2m gas neutral gas gas in gas to employees get A+ gas in the production pm2 + get and in the fourth option M2 plus get to ETV Plus so in this case we see that in the first of the transition in was back to a lot of energy transition in the energy will be make so maximum so the in minus 2 a negatively charged species ok so when the molecule is molecule ok negatively

charged chal it can really remove remove outermost electron ok outermost electron for the formation for the formation of neutral species ok you tell ok to negatively charged species readily removed electron so here are the amount of energy is low but why neutral species to the capital formation of cation is positive then we need some energy that is the ionization energy with the

positively charged again we provide energy produced the repository pattern M2 Plus is dipositive Kata higher energy than the previous case we need to let them go to the Ketan Ketan goes to the diffuse reflection it needs more energy because here the nuclear charge for the morning positive quotes on employees is more it is more nuclear nuclear charge to eat at the outermost electron slightly more tightly than the neutral species and even here we see that deposit Ketan is convert to try for much less favorable because dipositive cattle is tightly bound its outermost electron we need very high energy here very high energy

ki Prati from diversity Ketan to try for sleep right the maximum amount of energy is needed for this is the maximum amount of energy we need quotes of cherry creek according to a discussion visit forth optionally here is correct or not correct option because what is the maximum amount of energy is considered for the option 4 Court option correct that involved in

2 plus cases in C plus plus M2 Plus latest M3 Plus ok I hope this answered your question thank

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