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Which of the following stateme...

Which of the following statements relationship is not correct?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

In an exothermic reaction, the enthalpy of products is less than that of the reactants`Delta_("fusion") H = Delta_("sub")H-Delta_("vap")H`A reaction for which `DeltaH^(Theta) lt 0` and `DeltaS^(Theta) gt 0``DeltaH` is less that `DeltaU` for the reaction `C(s) +1//2O_(2)(g) rarr CO(g)`

Solution :
`DeltaH = DeltaU + DeltanRT` <br> `In C(s) +(1)/(2)O_(2) rarr CO` <br> `Deltan = (-1)/(2)` <br> `:. DeltaH lt DeltaU`


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hello all welcome to doubtnut latest look at the question that have been given to us so the question save that which of the following statements relationship is not correct ok and we have been given here of post-treatment aur equation every Cafe and we need to choose that which of them are not correct so the first statement phases that in an exothermic reaction the enthalpy of product is less than that of the reactant and examine this for an exothermic process to let me write down their age that is the change in enthalpy for an exothermic process should delta H tutal will be equal to the change in enthalpy for product - of delta H that is a change in enthalpy for the reactant ok now we all know that data at that is the total

you know engine and help for an exothermic process will always be negative and this will only be possible if Delta HP is smaller than that are at right to data HP should always be smaller than Delta HR in the case of exothermic process that is something that is written in the first in a statement that has been given to us where is saying that enthalpy of product should be less than that of the reactant yes this is true now comes the second one where is it has been said that delta H of you enthalpy for the fusion will be equal to change in enthalpy for the sublimation - change in enthalpy of vaporization and understand with an example electric some substance a right in solid state and if it directly changes into gaseous state it mean it has

been submitted ok and if it changes into liquid state ok so this means it has been used for melted ok and then after liquid to gas means we're so according to the law we can say that the change in enthalpy ok delta H for the cancer sublimation will be equal to change in enthalpy for fusion and plus of change in enthalpy for vaporization so if you just realised this equation can easily find out so we need to equate yah fusion so we'll just realise this change in its for fusion right will be equal to delta H for sublimation - of delta H for vaporization let's have a look at the statement that have been given to us that is exactly the same statement

right so this is all correct one third one says that reaction ok for which delta H not is less than zero then Delta S will be also that I will be greater than view which is the incorrect statement why there is check that you foresee for the third one write how to write Delta age then it will be equal to Delta S upon the temperature here is always positive right to this means that if Delta age less than or greater than anything so let us assume that attaches less than zero then it will so this means that there will also be zero at the boat will have the same pattern because they are directly proportional we can say right similarly if I say delta H is greater than zero

then Delta as we also have the value that is imported ok so here are the statement says that delta H is less than zero and data not is greater than zero which do not enough comprehend order not follow that these two statements are not follow each other so this particular statement is incorrect now the last statement that we have seen that data is less than that of delta you for the reaction which is given that is carbon reacting with half a molecule of Amul oxygen debt oxygen to give carbon monoxide right to what happens if they stride out the reaction also first reaction is carbon right is made to react with half of mole of Oxygen last one give carbon monoxide ok so this is something that we all know that

can be written as Delta you right and plus of delta n r Ti write what is this delta and H and delta and is nothing but the number of moles of product ok for the gaseous product I will say this is in gaseous - of number of moles of gaseous reactant reactant is something that we know the accent what we can do it we can just enough to hear that the gaseous product that we have is use of 1 mole and we had half half right to the value that will be taking it from your delta and will be equal to 1 minus half that is minus of han

ok now let's put the value here so it will be equal to the delta H will be equal to delta and it will be - of half Aarti write two letters arrange this so after arranging we can write down Delta u = delta H + of hearty write this clearly means of this particular equation that have that we have found here so we can easily deduced from the particular equation right easy deduction can be made that Delta you here is greater than delta H right so Jameen aur treatment given to it is less than the data you right to delta H is less than the correct statement is also correct to the only statement that is incorrect is the

third one which is according to our questions that have been asked to our third statement is the answer for question write the answer for question I hope you all understand thank you

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