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Which of the following stateme...

Which of the following statements is/are correct?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Inductive effect causes permanent polarity in the molecularFree radicals have odd electron in `p-`orbital.Inductive effect is a distance dependent.Mesomeric effect is distance dependent.

Answer :
Solution :
Mesomeric effect is not distance depended


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student Mission was to call so the question is that which of the following is a division of them from multiple equation take them in an example of a benzene ring attached to it which will be permanent in NEET

gulawati statement will be the next month we consider it to be radical Knights do have an extra electron

in the peace option which is an example to understand it better to if we have the hydroxyl molecular hydrogen short of water and Bond dangling from the oxygen just have a look at the oxygen oxygen with atomic number 8 has the electronic configuration of 18 to 22 and 24 right now to be ko mean it will have a total of 123 and a four electrons right now this means that now this means that one electron in hydrogen has won a electron

remaining write in a p orbital which means that if one right now onto the third one with that inductive effect is a distance dependent ki how we can say that you'll find out the third statement is also in which carbon sink and attach which is which is electronegative one night will do it will just polarized in type stream right by Paul rising the rear plate when an electron negative group is it as like this

OK what it does it it just withdraws the electron pair Night from all the bonds have Negative positive charge apne pass in education asali positive charge spread from one to the entire team lead positive the first one I have Dell Dell positive and then the third we have for the poor and charges eats and treats

from right right to it and we are travelling from the force Karbonn to VR experience that this that this inductor is breathing rate this is the last statement that says that may affect is a distance between container to try and find out that the defendant

the attack with only be here on earth or para position due to this feeling of class 10 it is not a we can see it is not a distance dependent effect ki just attack we be only at the Earth and the reaction may have caused the electron density will increase on these positions only this has nothing to do with distance but you know mesomeric effect is only possible when we have a resonance in a showing for any particular group right when we have resonance Nahin aaungi weekend requiring any mesomeric effect that is happening to it is resonance dependent not

distance between in a statement first three are true and the last one in all ok I hope this is clear to you thank you

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