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Class 11






Alkenes And Alkadienes


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Product `(B)` and `(C)` , respectively , are <img src="" width="30%">Product `(B)` and `(C)`, respectively, are <img src="" width="30%">Product `(D)` is <img src="" width="30%">Product `(D)` is <img src="" width="30%">

Answer : a,c
Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Product `(D)(` conjugated diene `)` is more stable than cumulative diene.

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the question is we are given a reaction in which our paint 1A is treated with n bromosuccinimide independent of TCL 4.2 product B and C which on treatment with tertiary butoxide ok gives B2B to identify which of the following statement is or are correct two letters formulate the compounds basically ok so this is our paint ban in this compound is treated with NBS independent of ccl4 then what happen when she is a free radical is generated over the position ok like this so

like this ok Subah what happen is after regeneration of the free radical there are two teeth of this free radical border to fit either a free radical attack over this period detail directly and hence the formation of product will take place OK Google undergo rearrangement like this then it will result in the formation of this kind of free radical and over here abe BR medical attacks abhiya Reddy ka attack and hence

the formation of such kind of compound will take place ok no this is a compound B this is our compound C ok that we highlight the compound every under Gola reaction of compound B with tertiary butoxide ok so what happened is our E2 elimination reaction will take place so our dis hydrogen will be a response and respond quickly without the permission of such kind of diet will take place in will be forming here

which is T let me highlight this react with tertiary butoxide then this will be taken up by this point we ship ke and his guilty plea and hence the formation of such kind of compound which is the same as the compound that we have drawn ok now that is considered the first option is basically correct b is call she is a correct this question will be a comma Si I hope that I made myself clear

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