Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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The Chief ore of zinc is cinnabarMac-Arther's process is used to extract silver`Na_(2)S_(2)O_(3)` is used to remove the unexposed AgBr from the photographic filmsNessler's reagent is complex of zinc in +2 oxidation state

Answer :


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hi everyone starting question question safe which of the following statements is or are correct it is the ore of Mercury and Zinc is that explain the statement for it in correct statement incorrect statement is used to extract silver and gold AG and a what happens in the process metal weather silver or Gold and mixed with sodium cyanide and easy and water

and oxygen and we get a complex there any of that metal with silver or Gold CN old voice Dangal complex IT and ticket pure metal and it to the Dun PN pure metal is Sodium cyanide process is used for the extraction of silver SBI statement taken that it is used to extract it correct statement is it to S3 is used to remove agbr from photographic spelling it

photosensitive that means it reaction light is incident on it that is any two ways to treat it is complete the ability to is added to remove excess of agbr from the photography close have to wear easy PR added in any 2 S 23 and Victor Complex there any three easy s23 old wife and B are complete it originated thiosulphate and it's available completes the statement that is

ne2s tooth is used to remove a statement is complex of zinc in plaster finishing state national patent is it is to add gi4 at is Potassium I do not think there is a complex of zinc in plus of statement and statement had thank you

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