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Organic Reaction Mechanism


Which of the following stateme...

Which of the following statements are correct statements ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Carbocation is less `overline e` deficient than alkyl radical.Isomerisation of a less stable carbocation to more stable carbocation by `1,2-Me` shift is called Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement.Isomerisation to a more stable carbocation is accompained by decrease in potential energy.Greater stability of benzyl, allyl, and `3^@` carbocation is due to hyperconjugation.

Answer : A::C::D
Solution : Here, (a) is wrong : carbocation is more `overline e` deficient than `R^@`. <br> Further, (b), (c) and (d) are self-explanatory.


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hello question arising which of the following statements are correct state it so we have a statement given the first polybit awkward first one reducing carbon is less electron then else statements what we know we know that this statement is actually because it and Carbohydrate and is actually more more electron deficient at it is more electron deficient than that of than that of alkyl radical so this statement is false we have to find the correct statement so let's see that a further added statement to it saying that isomerization of less stable carbocation and at isomerization of less stable carbon katan katan it is more stable ka

two more stable Carbon ke 10 by 12 m shifting is call Wagner meerwein rearrangement well this is the correct as it is the definition for Badnam in the arrangement talk about third statement is saying that I am creation of most stable carbocation is accompanied by a decrease in potential energy we know that term if potential energy degrees then isomerization of stable carbocation increases so we can say that this statement is also related with correct I'm talking about the d statement so it is saying that the greater stability of Benzyl alcohol and 3 degree ka this is due to higher hyperconjugation we know that in hyperconjugation Alpha is involved right so we can say that the greater stability of alkane and 3 degree ka time is due to hyperconjugation so with this statement is also true to correct the statement for this question it is bc at D thank you