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Atomic Structure


Which of the following stateme...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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The `p^(H)` of `10^(-8)` M solution of `HCl` is `8`The conjugate base of `H_(2)PO_(4)^(-)` is `HPO_(4)^(2-)`Auto protolysis constant of water increases with temperatureWhen a solution of weak monoprotic acid is titrated against a strong base, at half of neutraliastion point `p^(H) = 1//2p^(Ka)`

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all question is which of the following statement is correct for electronic configuration of chromium is urgently 54812 Audi block elements in which the balanced and electron enter into orbitals ok so chromium atomic number 24 ok and electron configuration is chromium equal to 24 forest to but due to extra stability when I have filled the electron from 4S orbital shape to 3D the exceptional Sesa chromium and chromium electronic configuration of chromium equal to Arvind 3D 54812 S is magnetic quantum number magnetic quantum number may have a negative value ok so magnetic quantum number represents total number of orbitals

and orientation in space it is represented by another value of magnetic quantum number depend on the azimuthal quantum number ml Rangers from - Alto + l magnetic quantum number may have second statement is false ok 3823 electrons have a screen of one take on 24th of the opposite to know that one orbital third one orbital accommodate two electrons and it has opposite speed up is down but I will show you like this and the other electron down with the atomic number of silver is 47 electrons Shubh the Silver atom in each orbital

accommodate two electrons than 46 electron electron is accommodated in 23 orbitals then it is 23 into two equal to 46 electrons about and obviously there is one electron one more electron less in the Silver atom which is placed in an extra electron one natural lesson silver atom which is placed in 24th Orbit statements he is also correct letters check phosphate Oxidation state of Nitrogen in NH3 + 3 NH 34 to consider nitrogen Oxidation State as + 3 into hydrogen Oxidation state is well which is equal to 0 + 3 equal to zero is equal to minus 3 this statement is not correct


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