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Class 12






The Solid State


Which of the following stateme...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Dipole moment : <br> <img src="" width="30%">Stability of free radical : <br> <img src="" width="30%">Basic strength : `CH_3 O^(Ө) gt overset (Ө) O H gt R S^(Ө)`Basic and nucleophilic strength : `I^(Ө) gt Br^(Ө) gt C1^(Ө) gt F^(Ө)`

Solution : (a,b) <br> (a) The smaller the angle, the larger the dipole moment, so `mu` of `I gt II gt III`. <br> (b) (I) is `3^@` Allylic with conjugation. <br> (II) is `3^@` Allylic. <br> (III) `3^@` free radical. Hence, the order is `I gt II gt III`. <br> ( c) Acidity : `RSH gt CH_3OH gt H_2 O` <br> Basic strength : `RS^(Ө) lt CH_3 O^(Ө) lt overset (Ө) O H` <br> (d) Acidity : `HI gt HBr gt CH1 gt HF` <br> Basicity : `I^(Ө) lt Br^(Ө) lt C1^(Ө) lt F^(Ө)` <br> Nucleophilic : `I^(Ө) gt Br^(Ө) gt C1^(Ө) gt F^(Ө)` <br> When nucleophilic centres are different and belong to the same group of periodic table, nucleophilicity is antiparallel to basicity.

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hello so the question is asking that which of the following statement is correct ok and here it is talking about a coordination and the temperature and pressure so before that will discuss this thing that we know that when measuring the coordination number will also increase because what pressure is doing it is pressurized atoms coming contact coming contact number is 6 then

right to all the items and drink as close as possible so that it can increase to some 8 or 10 activation number now the first to second thing is when temperature increases and coordination number recruits because the atom will gain some energy and items will try soon if condition so that is why this temperature increases and coordination of Barbie decrease in what are the statements within the question to an increasing the temperature the coordination number of solid nice and change this is a constant temperature

the coordination number of solid increases ok so this will increase this is the ordination number of solid surfaces temperature is increased in coordination number of solid is not include it is decreasing this is a statement on increasing the pressure coordination number of solid increase impression coordination number is not decrease if it is 13 cm sadistic Metal House points on increasing the pressure increases ok I hope you understand this concert

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