Which of the following statement is/are correct?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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transition metals and their many compounds act as good catalyst.The enthalpies of atomisation of the transition metals are highThe transition metals generally form interstitial compounds with small atoms like `C,B,H` etc.All transition metal compounds are not paramagnetic.

Answer :
Solution :
(A) This activity is ascribed to their ability to adopt multiple oxidation state and to form complexes.<br> (B) Because of having larger number of unpaired electrons in their atoms, they have stronger interatomic interaction and hence stronger bonding between the atoms. <br> (C) Transition metals like `Fe,Co,Ni,Cu etc`. Form interstitial compounds with elements such as hydrogen, boron, carbon and nitrogen . The small atoms of these non-metallic elementss `(H,B,C,N,etc)` get trapped in vacant spaces of the lattices of the transition metal atoms.


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hello suit latest look at the question which asked us to find out that which of the following statement is or are correct and we have been provided they need to find out that which of them all the correct this is show the first element show it now variable on multiple Oxidation State

rape and form intermediate what is this internet De the of the area ok in a reactant and

an alternative ok which is Venturi increase the rate of write something that we can easily understand that why transition elements are the compounds of Transition Element used in right there is a point which we could add in this also another point that they also provide

reaction to are the reasons why we could say that transition metal and many of the compound at the enthalpies of atomisation enthalpy of atomisation is high here because of the mean of first of all they have effective nuclear charge vacancy for Z effective is very higher and also we say we see that there is there are large number of Valence Electrons results in the formation of

atomization right why hairs Z effective is Dehati right they have large number of valence electron they have lot of Valence Electrons that the metallic bonding will be stronger ok

enthalpy of atomisation because of of strong is Oral B can understand what do you understand it into an interaction between the fabric is the result of a number of is

having said that moving on to the interstitial compounds with small items like carbon compound right Sada Bridge when autumn question also have

been given the people also like Hai rojan Mor on Nitrogen Oxygen chlorine rate in trapped inside the Crystal inside the crystal lattice of a metal ok Transition Element transition we can save a compound or element compound or in a well known for a cause of the characteristics that the purpose such as the have high melting and boiling point they are very hard and rigid shoe chemically not suitable for interstitial compounds and to

compound are magnetic ok How we understand paramagnetic ok their magnetic moment is not equal to zero ok compound

write and they are diamagnetic because they don't have any under their magnetic moment is also a metal compound which question to find out which statement is or are correct so I think all the statement to you thank you

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