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Which of the following solutio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Acetone + Aniline Acetone + EthanolWater+ Nitric acid Chloroform + Benzene

Answer : B
Solution : Acetone + ethanol is an example of solutions showing positive deviation from Raoult's law . Since acetone -ethanol attractions are weaker than acetone-acetone and ethanol-ethanol attractions.

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everyone started question equation says which of the following solution show positive deviation from raoult's law round Flo give Sasti vapour pressure in vapour pressure of a solution now when we say that positive deviation from rows it means that is vapour pressure which is the actual vapour pressure of the mixture is coming out to be greater than the vapour pressure which is calculated from the rows law then we say that the solution is showing positive deviation now when such kind of cases arise suppose we have pure liquid which is a liquid a has the forces of interaction a and liquid

post of a direct interaction BB going to make a and b form one more kind of interaction as a bi suppose the forces of interactions are weaker than A and B forces of attraction then solution shows positive deviation from when you are forces of attraction after mixing are weaker than before mixing then the solution shows positive from ground floor all the given example one such example which is Acetone

and ethanol positive deviation from because the forces of attraction which are present in between Acetone acid molecules or we can say Kitna ethanol molecules are stronger than the forces of attraction between a Acetone and molecule to such kind of solution shows positive deviation from raoult's law as their vapour pressure is actually greater than the law from all the given option the correct option is Acetone and ethanol

and do so much

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