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Class 12






Atomic Structure


Which of the following sets of...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : Value of `l` for given n is 0 to `(n-1)` and value of m for given `l=-l" to "+l`

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which of the following set of quantum number is incorrect ok to your fourth of quantum number are given 1 2 3 and 4 and we have to state that which of these among the following who are incorrect and therefore often a b c and d are given and we have 2.8 with option is correct amount ok to find with incorrect among this and we have to point out in these ok ok to let start with option number one where n is equal to 3 post understand what is an L M N L to the name of an enough for principal quantum number ok Principal Quantum Number principal quantum number not to check value of n

the value of Al Azeem Uttar contact number ok calder Quantum quantum number and the main thing about the L I dislike between 0 to 2 and -1 ok the main thing that we should remember 0 2 and -1 value of 2021 M ok to admit called the magnetic quantum number magnetic quantum number and its value the value of M lies between minus of l2l ok

FM Static value of L for one value of L lies between minus of l2l and again the next given is the spin spin quantum number when quantum number and this number is not in our ok vitamins that I think that it have to value a half and minus and it could be anything we can't be sure about this Tohar for minors are both are correct to we are not getting checking about encounter number ok letter the first option the energy equal to 3 equal to 40 ft equal to OK when the first option and is equal to 3 is to 4 then America 200 Ft = 2 + 2 Ton equal to 3 no problem

we can't check Apple contact number and then LED call to incorrect because I've stated that the value of electron 0 2 and -1 ok range will be 0224 incorrect option the first the first statement is incorrect statement is given statement energy equal to 3 cm equal to 3 and F equal to how many ko 233 and equal to + 1 by 2 ok we can see any three correct because we can't do anything with the principal quantum number then I'll incorrect because here to L belongs to 0 to 3 minus 1 equal to 2 and hear any given 33132 this is also interact

an introduction to give 1n = 2 and equal to stick and equal to 3 + 1 equal to minus any gold sec-02 F1 and F2 ok we can see that an equal to stick that correct because we can't do anything with principal quantum number then the magnetic quantum number is zero and this is in pain because URL with long 20 to 50 mm belong to minority of l2l it will be equal to minus zero to hear L block - of l12 incorrect because there is only one possible value of n is equal to zero because l is equal to zero to improve - l210

only one value equal to zero is it correct now the last option Dede doctor number for input shaft and it is given any ko 24 equal to 2 m equal to place to another equal to zero and equal to four equal to two equal to 2 and F = 20 OK when the toxin this is incorrect because f is equal to Binu f could wear app can have only two values that is equal to half and minus half and there is no any value of X equal to its incorrect but letter from left and equal to four correct equal to correct but

check the option option B all for a given one two three and four option B S because all post statement 1234 it M Intex

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