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Periodic Classification Of Elements And General Inorganic Chemistry


Which of the following represe...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`F gt Cl gt Br gt I``C lt N lt O lt F``N lt C lt O lt F``C lt Si lt P lt N`

Answer : C

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in this question it is telling that which of the following represents the correct order of electron affinity ok so electron affinity is the amount of energy that is release OK when an electron is attached to a neutral atom or molecule in a gaseous state ok to form a negative I arrived so electronegativity we have to find the correct order select the options now as the first option is regarding fluorine chlorine bromine and

so we going down the group the atomic number increases the electrons are added in the new shelf to the electrons are added in usual clearly we can say that then decreases attraction between the electron decreases by the nucleus so clearly we can say that the size increases I'm going down the group ok so if you see here the nuclear charge is decreasing down the group if nuclear charge decrease their that me the attraction towards the incoming electron that going to attach to a neutral atom the gaseous state and also decrease with at least the electron affinity decreases on going down the so clearly we can say the year that electron affinity depends on the nuclear charge ok and it is directly proportional to it and it is inversely

proportional to describe because I didn't think we can write the electron affinity order as fluorine chlorine bromine and Iodine the small exception between soil as increasing down the group that is fluorine is having the least size or we can say the small size ok because the smallest size but chlorine is having a larger size ok both of them have the most 7 pay so 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 electronic adding a chlorine and fluorine say for example of what happens in case of loading smallest size the outermost electrons were greater the position towards this incoming electric for that reason adding of electron in case of lori will be

quite not because we can write the order that is chlorine and bromine and then comes in option what is there load Apne Nitrogen Oxygen and know that on going from left to right in AP increases in the same shell to the nuclear charge increases with increasing that is better traction is more so basically what happened the site will decrease ok so that only so that it also increases attraction is more than

it should be carbon Nitrogen Oxygen and poor but in this case what happened please nitrogen is having atomic numbers electronic configuration 1S 2S and 2P 33 it is exactly half wave and we know that have to learn m a highly stable does not want to add another electro ok if it at that it would become unstable that is the highest electron affinity of nitrogen is left sorry as compared to that of carbon so this will be the order of phosphorus and nitrogen Phosphorus and nitrogen

on going from left to right what happened electron affinity increases down the group electron affinity decreases to what happens here in this case is in comparison to carbon nitrogen nitrogen should have more but as I have already tell you that section totally carbon will be having more will be having more but the exception of carbon and silicon that is the smallest ok which were getting a person to the incoming electrons that is the reason they are also about carbon and Silicon Silicon will be having more as compact and in case of Nitrogen Phosphorus and going to write the order it will be Phosphorus and nitrogen carbon and silicon letters

option yes it is the correct answer for this is a second or third option to our answer is option number


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