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Periodic Properties


Which of the following represe...

Which of the following represents correct order of electron affinity?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`Cl gt F gt S gt O``F gt O gt S gt Cl``F gt Cl gt S gt O``Cl gt S gt O gt F`

Answer : A
Solution : Correct order of electron affiity is : `Cl gt F gt S gt O` <br> Electron affinity of 2nd period non-metals is less than that of respective 3rd period non-metals.


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the question is which of the following represent correct order of electron affinity basically electron affinity is the ability to gain electrons ability to gain electrons to hear smaller is the size of aur greater the electronegativity more is the electron affinity and here we are given with chlorine chlorine Sulphur and oxygen let's arranged according to the things fluorine chlorine oxygen and sulphur chlorine belong to the 17th group and oxygen belongs to the 16 group Alpha oxygen is of second period and

Oxygen and fluorine belong to second period Sulphur and chlorine belongs to the third period and when we see the electronegativity as we move down the group electronegativity increases and as you move along the period electronegativity increases but here is some exceptional behaviour also exist no doubt electronegativity of fluorine is greater than chlorine and its size is also smaller than chlorine but fluorine has lone pair of electrons on it and chlorine also have lone pair on it but size of fluorine is also very small so that's why it repels upcoming electron due to which reason electron affinity of fluorine becomes

lesser than chlorine because of its small size and number of lone pair of electrons similarly in case of Oxygen and sulphur this case also happens oxygen have 124 lone pair of electrons Alpha also have four lone pair of electrons but oxygen also have the small size and it also repel the upcoming electron does its electron affinity decrease in comparison to sulphur but as we move along the period as more along the period electron affinity increases so that's why the options accordingly becomes chlorine will have greater electron affinity than fluorine but halides are more electron affinity in comparison to 16th and sulphur will have more electron affinity in comparison to oxygen so accordingly

to this question option number one is the correct I hope you understand this question thank you very much


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