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Which of the following propert...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Work Internal energy Enthalpy Entropy

Answer : A

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question given errors which of the following properties is not a state function functions of work internal energy enthalpy or entropy we have to tell which of these following is there is not a state function to it is asking which one is a path function because opposite off status part right to water state and path function first of all state function rtos in which left that is the property whose value does not depend does not depend on the park or load or taken to reach a specific value path followed to reach specific value function basically like vacancy preface to the

temperature amount type of the substance present effect to like it was a for all of this and other one is the path function so apart functions are those parts function are those that the property which values values depends upon depends upon the path followed from initial to final position now we have to tell whether which of the following is a part of it basically we talk about work here work is a liquid is proportional to the distance

of an object moves of an object move which depends on the park used to go from the initial to final position to work is dependent on the distance to distance and the path followed to work is purely a path function and not a state function talk about internal energy internal energy internal energy it is a state function because it depends only on the final and initial state and is independent of the park independent of the park and depends upon the values of initial and

final state it is it like it does not depend let it is not a purely dependent on the path followed how it is attained like the water but I was the initial and final streets are it is independent of that it is however they are obtained it is not dependent on the path that they are only depending on the values of this state final and initial energy is a state function and path function the next one is enthalpy and entropy so I talk about enthalpies of first of all IT ever talked about internal internal energy enthalpy and internal energy they are often described as a day at a state function both at State functions because this means that depend only on the state of the system that is only on the two pressure-temperature composition as stated earlier that state functions are independent of the path right to left internal energy

internal energy is the sum of kinetic of kinetic and potential energy of the system of atoms and depends on the state of the system and not like how the energy is entered the system and internal energy is independent of the park and if we talk about enthalpy here to enthalpy is basically we can say it is also independent of the part because it is the amount of amount of heat released heat release aur absorb at constant pressure but it if we talk about it so that it is not a state function here because it is it is only to transfer energy in a route of the system to it depends on the part of it is a state is not a state

but in therapy is independent of the part because it is the amount of heat released and drop not it is not dependent upon how the M will is how the it is IT job it is independent of the IEEE transactions and transformation is also state function and path function again the last is entropy entropy refers to the like it is referred it refers to the in the randomness of the system so if we talk about entropy always measure the change of Entropy and trophies disorder which is also Pak Independence disorderness is this Ordinance is independent and dependent only final and initial point not on the part of the specific

value entropy is a state function and not a path function now only of all these which is not a state function is work because it is a path function to the correct answer is first option work

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