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Class 12






Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry


Which of the following proceed...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Boiling of an eggCombustion of benzene at `27^@C`Dissolution of sugar in waterCalcination of solid `CaCO_3`

Answer : B

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hello everyone here the question is which of the following precedes with a decrease in entropy so here we have to find out in which of the following options there is a decrease in entropy what is entropy entropy is the randomness of the particles present in the system in first option there is boiling of an egg in boiling of an egg the protein present in the egg and foods after cooking and your we can see that protein unfolding means the egg goes from more ordered form to more ordered form to disordered form sure the entropy of the system decreases because protein and force and that is why entropy of the system decreases

next one is combustion of benzene at 20° 27 degree celsius in competition we provide energy to the reaction of delta H is positive and if we provide energy of energy to the system that means we are increasing temperature of the system and as we know average kinetic energy is equals to 3 by 2 k t a kinetic energy is directly proportional to temperature and if temperature increases kinetic energy of the particles increases and if kinetic energy increases randomness of the particles increases so here when in the combustion entropy of the particles increases next one is dissolution of sugar in water here the sugar the solid form of sugar convert into the liquid form when there is complete dissolution of the sugar here in the solid form the particles are more compactly

pad or we can say there is less randomness in the solid-state as compared to the liquid state because in liquid state the molecules are less compactly pad aur here the randomness of the particles is more so in this case entropy of the system increases next one is calcination of solid calcium carbonate that means we are providing high temperature to the solid calcium carbonate and if we provide high temperature that means this is the same condition when we are increasing the temperature in that case kinetic energy of the particle size increases and its kinetic energy increases randomness increases so here is in this case also randomness increases as we can clearly see that in option 1 entropy of the system decreases option one is correct here

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