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Class 12






Periodic Properties


Which of the following paramet...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Hydration energy of ionElectron gain enthalpylattice enegyElectronegativity

Answer : A::D
Solution : Electronegativity annd hydration energy cannot be estimated by using born-haber cycle.

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which of the following parameter cannot be estimated by using born Haber cycle to this morning I will cycle it is a process which is used to analyse reaction energy it is it is a process which is used to analyse a reaction energy by applying has low to buy how to calculate it is used to calculate lattice enthalpy by Meri standard enthalpy change of your ionic compound so what is the 2 let's see an example let's say

for your anything we get to know this is your an A+ get here and this is your cloning catches it is dragon formed from a NaCl is atom that is this is your letters and in salary means what mean you have to convert your solid into your yes yes yes yes first what what happen if we are having any as a solid and chlorine as a then from the energy what we have done we have converted into the both in two gases and this is called to that is lattice energy using over him and both has converted into this convert into this now at them both gaseous atom can be

information of NaCl takes place that your lattice energy is working over here by the formation of this and we have seen that your hydration energy and electronegativity if you want to this is a neutral atom fine if you want to make it an iron for this do you want it a durable to formation of this if you at electron to this then what you have to do you have to remove an electron from it and formation of this information due to which you are able to form the NaCl to how does it form by electron gain enthalpy and by using your let it energy to there is no role of electronegativity and hydration energy of hydrogen energy of find mean that this is your analysis it is there an eye plus this is has fostered charge and your water oxygen which is more electronegative than your hydrogen it applies over past

this will attract to what has happened did collect the collect this whole molecule of hydration energy but to find the lattice energy of any compound from this process this is not necessary condition which we have to this parameter is not considered in the born Haber cycle to gear marking that which cannot be so your hydration energy and electronegative cannot be estimated by your born habol title

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