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Which of the following molecule does not have a linear arrangement of atoms ?


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H2S have sp3 hybridisation while remaining all have sp hybridisation , so H2S have bent structure and other have linear geometry.
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hello everyone in this question which of the following molecule does not have a linear arrangement linear arrangement of atoms so that's why not the answer of this situation so before that we should have the knowledge of hybridisation formula basic equation formula hybridization what is hybridization let's go through this so basically it is equal to the one upon two into number of valence electron of central atom valence electron of central atom + number of monovalent atom monovalent atom plus minus plus one is charged on the atom atom ok export the first option we have the first of H2S so lete supply the formula of hybridization into it will appliances and you will get half and into number of an electron is H2S so hard surface 6 handle number of electron and to number
hydrogen atom is there and zero the charge on it ok so we will get half it by 2 equal to four so it is belong to the tetrahedral family is blocked because it has coordination number 4 equals to so basically this is the electronic geometry animal nice question we have all that what is the shape so let's talk about the Shape shape will be equal to the it is just like a water molecule sulphur has to lone pair at lone pair is lone pair and lone pair and hydrogen atom is to ok so this this is called as a band that shaped so as a Banshee platters export the second option let's see what is the second option we have second hand c2h to latest write the formula c2h to Adidas store in this option will not apply the formula for hybridization by because there is to central atom we have so
not apply date formula this alkane alkene and alkyne basic basic formula for general formula we can say that in these animals all the structure is just a single bond St ok so alkenes and alkynes is C triple Bond fine so in this we will see that this is a alkine ok Allah salkind 1 and so we can say that we can say that street triple bonds will exist and 111 hydrogen atom will be there OK so this is SP hybridization and will be equal to the linear one it is near shape ok so let us move to the third option we have Mr third option is BHU so latest write the third option ph2 beh2 so letters letters write the formula of abrogation
Pashto half what is the benefit of PS2 to ok 2 + number of monovalent atom 2 + 0 = to charge on the central atom will equal to the four by one by two in 24 and it will give us to it Will belongs Purnia we can see that as 222 means on Nation Guntur SP hybridization and it has linear shape ok it has been a shape status 3rd so we can say that this is the structure of this chh ok this is the unit 1 is a structure of beh2 right so let us know to the third sorry 4th option for the last option is CO2 latest draw the structure of Co2 what is CO2 show latest draw level first applied on authorisation equal to half into number of Epsilon carbon = 24 number of valence electron cost 24 + number of
Roland ex20 + 4 = 20 and the central atom and we will calculate it out and we will find that 4A battery equals to 2 and it will give us that it has a SP hybridization on linear linear find linear 1 and the structure of the Co2 as we all know that the linear 111 111 is the SP hybridization shape ok right so in the given question we will ask that which is does not have a linear arrangement so we have the first option is to it has the band the shapes of the ocean of the answer is a ok thanks