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Class 12






Chemical Bonding-i & II


Which of the following molecul...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`N_(2)` `F_(2)` `O_(2)^(-)` `O_(2)^(2-)`

Answer : C
Solution : `O_(2)^(-)` has odd number (17) of electrons, therefore it must contain at least one unpaired electron.

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hello students in the given question we need to answer which of the following species and unpaired electron by knowing the concept of molecular theory Molecular orbital theory of you can also found this type of question the total number of electrons present in the species you can also calculate so festival calculator total number of electron in calculating for nitrogen for nitrogen earring total 7 x to Switzerland 40 minut fluorine chlorine is an inline so X 218 electrode similarly oxygen molecule is not atomic number 282 16 and negative charge means one more total of 19 electron similarly plus to turn off 8 x 216 and 218 here also 8 x 8 to 16 +

17777 knowing the pattern of feeling to tell you how the elements are being built in the order so basically this side we need to take according to a micrometre so this is one year also we need to take sem 1 and 2 and 2A 2B was taken similarly as this will take place and antibonding and burning fat will be generated so there will be different elements of this type of diagram to be different for below oxygen element so I have taken general for the oxygen and I will explain the effect of different unit will be because energy of bonding with below and enter into represented with distance when start to set two electrons of increased then electron configuration will be this family over this will be Sigma tools to and

it is meant to be start to feel so this is going to be aware that orbital period between to be Sigma TZ similar question each of the electron in them to total of 14 b r a b so that means we have taken nitrogen this site as well as it into the configuration total will be billed 122-123 in the respective for better to be completely filled with them here also completely but to P3 will we have to decide this is taking differently for nitrogen because it is coming below 15 mixing will be donated to the orbital overlap hover event today now I need to feel how many electrons to p33 lot from this entry electrons from this total of I have sex

to be 1234 and this is it mean to have what how many number of unpaired electron unpaired electron is going to be the number caller ID not correct S Unity take flooring what is configuration when is 22 years to and to find this is going to be completely print and we need to have 5 laptops 12345 12345 total of the running 3 ladkon so we need to fill 10e am so 12345678 910 actually I have paid Virtually so that you do not get confused with the respective diagram to over here if you are trying to kill that it's meant to be completely filled that is it good to be diamagnetic in nature and predictable similarly in this pairing 17 minut I'm taking

two people will be condition because of connective touch and from the total of 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9 are trying to kill them over so this is going to be paramagnetic in nature because it is carrying one electron is the and it is 1877 oh and this is also the direct approach you can I identify using the number of odd number that is electrons are present in the not been to a purple configuration that's why

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