Which of the following is the wrong statement?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Ozone is paramagnetic gas. The two oxygen -oxygen bond length in ozone are identical. `O_(3)` molecule is bent. Ozone is violet-black in solid state.

Answer :
Solution :
Ozone is diamagnetic gas.


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over here there are some statements given about molecule is represented as O3 molecule the structure of ozone can be formed like this Where electron ok so you can show it like this the bond length of both O bond is 1.278 angstrom and this angle is 116.8 degree ok now some more things we should know that the Ozone molecule is

diamagnetic in nature and also in the solid state the colour of ozone molecule O3 molecule is violet lakh ok so now let's see first it is ozone is paramagnetic gas which is a wrong statement because it is a diamagnetic gas S says the two oxygen oxygen Bond length in Ozone at identical which is correct O3 molecule is bent as shown here we can see that this molecule has a belt structure for this is also violet black and solid-state this statement is also collect their four out of all the given statement statement is incorrect statement to the correct

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