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Class 12






Environmental Chemistry


Which of the following is not ...

Which of the following is not correctly matched?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`{:("Column I","Column II"),("Photochemical smog","Warm dry climate"):}``{:("Column I","Column II"),("Photochemical smog","Contains" SO_(2)):}``{:("Column I","Column II"),("Classical smog","Cool humid climate"):}``{:("Column I","Column II"),("Classical smog","Reducing smog"):}`

Answer : B


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ok so hello everyone on the question over her face that which of the following is not correctly matched filter which of the following is not match correctly so be having a given photochemical smoke and classical smog latest revise both of these things but what is 40 m long and what is Classical smog and in which each of them is not correctly matched sofa latest device what is photochemical smog photochemical smog photochemical mock photochemical smog is also known as this number smoke summer smoke because it is formed during its sum it is basically formed due to the high concentration of and that is Nitrogen dioxide and some other

voluntary compound like for example we have benzaldehyde and NO2 and volatile compound basically forms of Brown layer and this is very prominent in cities in urban cities because of the vehicle pollution that that is being emitted from the vehicles and industry that is very prominent City so during summer that forms of ground near publicity and it is Jindagi samajh so that I need to inform and what photochemical smog is what is Classical smoke write classical smoke classical smoke classical smog is

winter and humid time inter and human condition it is due to the increasing concentration of Sulphur dioxide carbon carbon dioxide carbon monoxide all the things that is due to the increase of this thing and it is reducing in nature and reducing in nature reducing Anita carbon monoxide and the Sulphur Dioxide show me the Sulphur Dioxide can be oxidized to sulphur trioxide itself is getting oxidized to silvertraq side then it will reduce number the substance that is the reason why it is known as reducing reducing nature because it reduces other substances releases carbon monoxide can get oxidized to carbon dioxide and introduce some other substance that

is the reason why they are it is about the classical smoke which of them is wrongly matched to the first one is photochemical smog it is matched With warm dry climate this is just not that photochemical smog in during summer when there is warm climate this is correctly matched correctly matched and capital with which is wrongly messages directly mat Hans is the wrong answer the path is photochemical smog bache wait until we saw that photochemical smog contains and 2 and volatile compounds is there in classical smog is there in classical smoke that this is incorrect sentence is correct option is correct it is also check the other two options with the second third option is Classical smoke assigned to cold humid climate to be the snow that classical smog in winter season when there is humid conditions this is correctly Mac and sesame in correct answer and the last one in classical smog

matched with reducing smoke is a reducing agent because it'll get oxidized and reduced something else is also apparently match these are so incorrect so we can see that option B is the only character answer because it is not correctly matched with this be completed at solution thank you


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