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Hydrogen And Its Compounds


Which of the following is not ...

Which of the following is not correctly matched ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Heavy water- Used as moderator in nuclear reactors.Zeolites-Used for removing permanent hardness of water."Syn gas"- Mixture of `N_(2)` and `H_(2)`.Hydrolith - On hydrolysis with water produces `H_(2)`.

Answer : 3
Solution : "Syn gas" is a equimolar mixture of CO and `H_(2)`.


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it is known that we need to find which of the following is not correctly matched for the first option which is given to us that heavy water used as moderator in nuclear reactor was so if you see this option this is absolutely correct why because in a nuclear reactor what happens is basically the thing which is happening in a nuclear reactor is nuclear fission reaction is going to happen in the nuclear fission what happens is there is one target nuclei are you can say your parent Euclid which is being bombarded with a projectile to give daughter nuclei plus project file coming out in the nuclear reaction this is accompanied with

a lot of high-speed neutrons what happens over here the neutrons number is increasing and the speed of neutrons increasing and we don't want neutrons to collide with the targeted at a very high speed support for their effort to reduce the speed of neutrons we are using it as absorbers are you can pay moderators actually so as to reduce the speed neutrons and therefore option number is absolutely correct forward to the second statement that is dual ise used for removing permanent hardness of water is due like are used for Permanent removal of permanent hardness because if you see the permanent hardness meaning it is basically caused due to sulfides

and chlorides of MG 2 + and CA 2 + ions in this what will happen is the zeolite will form complexes with MG 2 + and A2 + in forming zeolite complexes Vichar insoluble and this is precipitated out option number 2 is also correct going forward to the third option in gas is a mixture of Nitrogen and hydrogen with this is not the case actually seen gas is a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen so apna number to is the incorrect match so they have asked whether not correctly when option Embassy will be our correct answer to the four

statement also that had turned on hydrolysis with water produces its to this is activity true because hydrolith means it is your calcium hydride that it Ch 2 when this is treated with H2O that is hydrolysis is going to Bittu H2O giving a device that is a Calcium Hydroxide + to hide your balance equation it is going to be Ch 2 + 2 H2O giving CA price + 2 x 2 so this is the balance equation and option number de is also correct so if you see the only incorrect one is the third one and after numbers we will be the correct answer for this question thank you


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