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Which of the following is not ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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2-Butanol 2,3-Dibromopentane 3-Bromopentane 2-Hydroxypropanoic acid

Answer : C

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in this question we have to find out of these four given molecules which of the molecule is chiral what is the meaning of chiral means when an atom it's all the valency is half filled with different items for example let it be an element and it's all the valency is let it be it has four valencies and it all the four valencies are filled by different atoms then this particular molecule will be a chiral molecules to find out of the CFO at which one is chiral summer summer will be drawing All The structures of these molecules to fast for withdrawal 2-butanol youth means there are a number of carbon atoms and to all means the age group will be on the second carbon atom we start numbering from here this will be CS3 this will be Ch 2 will be CS3

as a from this particular molecule only you can see that it's one valency this carbons 1 valency is filed by CS3 group which is methyl group S valency is filled with hydroxyl group and a third balance is filled by ch2 CH3 c o o h correct answer is to be done all then also we will be finding the other remaining three molecules 23 dibromo painting superprint night already drawn here diagram it will be 5 number of carbon atoms and drawn the bromo atom on the second and third position you can see that this carbon atoms and valency is filled by hydrogen 2nd valency is filled by methyl and the third valency is filled by bromine and The Fourth valency is different miss all the four balances are different in this Karbala also so our second option is also correct third option now we will be seen for 3 promo containers maintenance find number

of carbon atoms and rumours on the third position you can see that this carbon is having valency of hydrogen the second valency of bromine but this both are same so it is not chiral and all of 4th molecule its 2 hydroxypropanoic acid Pon Pon It means it's of 3 carbon atoms and it's an acid Mein citizen cc&c and the hydroxyl groups on the second means it's valency is filled by the method the second valency is filled by cw group the third balance is filled by age group and The Fourth valency is filled by Ash bricks h this answer is also correct but what is yet to find in this question which of the following is not correct but we found here that these three are chiral our real answer is third because this

3 promo Pan tennis not kayra

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