Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

CO`O_(3)``CH_(4)``H_(2)O` vapour

Answer :
Solution :
Carbon dioxide , methane , water vapour , nitrous oxide , CFCs and ozone are greenhouse gases. Carbon monoxide , CO is not a greenhouse gas.


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welcome to the following is not an infrared radiation and coming from the sun light absorbed the infrared radiation these gases have infrared radiation and it absorb it and then after let this is the gaseous molecule or molecule of then after heat in the direction of it and this caused due to this produce heat and due to the global warming will be take

place greenhouse gases are the gases with the eyes are nothing water vapour water vapour water Vyapar SO2 and 2 ohm and and many other gases which are act as greenhouse gases but here carbon monoxide is not a Greenhouse it is toxic gas for the human being because it is complex and with the hemoglobin percentage in blood

it replaced the oxygen and form a complex and the hemoglobin and it is toxic and water reduce the content of oxygen in the blood circulation due to this suffocation will be created and anchors of it is a toxic gas but it is not a Greenhouse Ozone method and water vapour a Greenhouse

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