Which of the following is more basic than aniline? .

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

DiphenylamineTriphenylaminep - nitroanilineBenzylamine

Answer :


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hello this question to find out the compound from the following which is more basic than aniline now let's make structure of all the compound the first they are to benzene ring where is hydrogen and another benzene ring it is and there is this is the first and the second is that right there are three benzene ring first and this is the second and third with the fourth compound third compound is para Nitro in Delhi which

means Naresh mx2 Harish hello last compound that is benzylidene benzyl amine CS2 ns2 with benzene to ns2 with benzene that if the electron lone pair of Nitrogen in gold in resonance Dell basic degree it decreases if you see in the first compound then this loan parijan conjugation with this ring also and with this remote so sweet is less basic while in the

second compound all the three rings 3 present and the slower in communication with these three species it will be very less while input compound and also the resurgence of NO2 group which show - sweet will attract the electron density and will decreases visiting if you know the fourth compound then the fourth compound The Lone pair of the nitrogen is not important because it is a double bone single bone and single board in education is was double single double single bonds and has been broken so there is no it is Li donated so it is more basic Harshita photo show the correct answer

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