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Which of the following is corr...

Which of the following is correct order of packing efficiency?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`HCP=F C C gt B C C gt SC``SC gt B C C gt HCP=F CC ``B C Cgt SC gt HCP lt F C C``F C C=HCP gt SC gt B C C`

Answer : A
Solution : packing HCP 74% <br> efficiency=FCC 74% <br> Sc=52% <br> BCC=68%


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Vivan the question which of the following is correct order of packing efficiency and we have been given for option for comparison between http and https basically it close close packing basically is packing efficiency that is denoted by 74% similarly Na movie on to the next one that is fcc which is centred cubic structure of

packing efficiency of 74% and next one is BCC that this board centre body centred cubic structure packing efficiency of and now next one simple cubic structure of simple cubic structure has a packing efficiency http and https have same packing efficiency at T = 2 STC which is greater than that is BCC this both are greater than and greater than that

is simple to so this is the correct order of parking at least for now let's have a look at the option that are option number one is correct match that is equal or greater and greater than the correct answer is option number 1st can't be greatest this is from DC also can't be created this is also the next is fcc hcp and can't be greater than vcc to this is also wrong answer is option number 1