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Class 12






Mock Test 5


Which of the following is/are ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(a) & (b)(a) & (d)(b) & (c)(a), (b), (c) & (d)

Answer : B

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following is a Domino's trade we have to tell about the trade which is given by a scientist that is Robin he told about the periodic table positions of elements so AVR first Lithium Sodium and potassium what is said first let's see it is said that the atomic weight of middle element is nearly the same as average mass of of other two elements this is your set by your banner so let's take it out for us we having Lithium Sodium

and it is Potassium William has atomic mass that is 7 and sodium it has 23 and this is here it is Potassium metal 39 so it means that if I do the sum of a Lithium and that is why do the average of these two will get the atomic mass of sodium so let's do it it is 39 + 72 it comes out to be 23 to this is following the top in a straight then we are having copper AG and Zinc copper zinc it is your AG and this week so these are the elements which is not set by your dominar this element also then we are having this that is a Calcium Strontium and barium barium here it is calcium has 40 and it is your 87.5 it is 137 if I do the average of

these two last persons last element it is comes out to be 8.5 which is nearly 2nd 7.5 has given of these three elements these three and also has given about your chlorine bromine and Iodine Satish Vardi 9 elements which were given by a dominant trait so got into that here and the options are right it's really sure we option will be the right answer

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