Which of the following is an example of super octet molecule ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`ClF_(3)``PCl_(5)``IF_(7)`All the three

Answer :


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super super of Technology in electronics surrounding the electrons in bat molecular electronics surrounding the central atom take means 8 super opted means more we talk about it caused by which clf3 structure in C L F F F and has one lone pair right 12345678 chlorine has a lot of which are involved and bonding with total that surround chlorine chlorine has 7 electrons of its own it oneplus 3 electrons is sharing with chlorine electron the sharing with showing the total number of latest latest talk about PCL5 PCL5 structure something

right Phosphorus has five valence electrons of its own right plus one electron is it is sharing from each floor in atom plus 5.2 channel it is also a super after tomorrow you talking about when we talk about 777 valence electrons in all the seven valence electrons are involved in bonding with fluorine 123456 in 727 electrons are there are 7 valence electrons in it is sharing with chlorine to form one before the number of valence electrons of Core Team to again this is also greater than it all the cheese and 7 are all three is going to be the correct answer the question at all

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