Which of the following has largest bond angle ?


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hello everyone the question is which of the following has largest bond angle and options are given H2O F2 cl2 and H2S 5 will start with H2S is a bond angle for H2S h2se as has the least bond angle that is approximately 90 degree in Sulphur and hydrogen atomic orbitals are so far away in energy and hybridization does not occur
bonding orbitals of sulphur are largely P type type means there is no hybridisation and sulphur which is bonding with hydrogen to form as two ways that orbital is P orbital therefore they have bond angle 90 degree for water H2O molecules for H2O molecule
the structure like this oven at the centre as and then they show tetrahedral structure and bonding galoff 109 degree year it shows tetrahedral structure due to repulsion of lone pair of oxygen with Bond pair this is lone pair and this is Bond pair that will be Bond pair and lone pair repulsion Mens wear the bond angle gets decreased therefore h-o-h
therefore oxygen Bond pair the resulting angle at what happens here angle as veg will be lesser so here you can see that bond angle will become 104 degree 104 degree similarly for f2o enough to Oh there is halogen bonded with oxygen it also shows same structure and show similar properties but here the bond angle is 102 degree the last one cl2o
this is an exceptional case in cl2o the bond angle is hundred 10.9 degree because the localisation of oxygen lone pair into empty D orbitals of chlorine 5 PC the structure latest structure is at the centre and then CL CL near rest of the electrons for oxygen deficiency the structure this lone pair
donated by chlorine so if we draw resonance structure then it will be like this if we draw one more resonance it can show like this correct so now we will draw the resonance hybrid the equivalent structure it is partially positive negative and positive negative this is the equivalent structure of cl2o near BC partial double bond between them
because of this bond pair and Bond pair repulsion increases and also it shows partial SP2 character with angle 120 degree actually it should show 109 degree 28 but they choose to be intermediate
showing 110 degree point nine so therefore here we have to show molecule with large bond angle another option is correct with 110.9 degree this is the highest bond angle near options is correct cl2o thank you

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