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Class 12






D Block Elements


Which of the following form an...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Argentiferrous lead is an alloy contains `Ag & pb` <br> `Fe` and `C` from an alloy called cementite, `Fe_(3)C` <br> Therefore, (A) & (D) option are correct.

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latest cricket equation which is given to which have been given four of the will and when mixed with so do the formula to form a glass agent name of that is now that we have BMC which is SP when mixed with a g and B have when mixed with it right now in the Mercury form and write the alloy

of mercury is called as amalgam now that is formed by Uno general mechanism of work that is that it diffuses into the metal letters like the metal that we have like aluminium Sodium Potassium or bring ok I just write it down to it will be more area that is markedly form animal ok bye diffusing ok into metal generally tend to form letter A like like sodium

the next one is aluminium here we have zinc rate of letters of these metals are not that we can say are not very strong right right which is platinum or iron Nike platinum rate are very strong

Awari song Ok is the reason which due to which they don't allow market market reason I don't know last of carbon is no 9 cement we

have cement formula for which right why we have don't don't have the choice of album

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