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Which of the following does no...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Dilute `H_(2)SO_(4)` with `Pt` electrodeFused sodium hydroxide with `Pt` electrodesAcidic water with `Pt` electrodesDilute sulphuric acid using `Cu` electrodes

Answer : d
Solution : `E^(c-)._(o x)` of `Cu=-0.34` <br> Using coper electrodes, copper will oxidize `:` <br> `Cu rarr Cu^(2+)+2e^(-)` <br> So oxygen is not evolved.

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hello students percentage that which of the following does not involve oxygenated when electrolysis is carried out of a dilute sodium oxide is acidic water with dilute sulphuric acid using copper electrode dilute what we have in option A in option A we have dilute H2 S o4 dilute H2 S o4 PT electrode dilute H2 S o4 with PT electrode Bihar oxidation we will have oxidation of because we have dilute so at an hour at an hour we

have only a minor ok wait minus into minus b into two ok yeah balance on this will be to x cube minus balance into O2 will be OK photo will be a 2 H2O ok so what will be here we have H2O reveal X and addition of two electron and evolution of auto Express ok to find out in this case is not awarded ok in option A revolving option we have used outside with electro

use use sodium Sodium Hydroxide Sodium Hydroxide with platinum electrode ok use Sodium Hydroxide with platinum electrode to add and oxidation of will take place of waste ideas will take place will produce ok now one mole of one particular of addition of water and take care take care product ok able to attend Moto X play

today water water a platinum electrode what are the platinum electrode ok we have acidic water made here at 10 a.m. at oxidation of -1 play oxidize into photo ok now addition of one molecule of water takes place at their products and so this will also evolution of O2 and play ok now in last four k d option 2 option is dilute sulphuric acid with you electrode Raju

sulfuric dilute sulphuric acid PU electrode ke dialogue computer Kaise with you electrode in Indian care at anode and cathode electrode is more power to add a node in both the info you electrodes used ok I know the danger of the eutectic player oxidizing to YouTube ok so in a turnover of India auction date using

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - CENGAGE CHEMISTRY ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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