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Class 12






Introduction To Organic Chemistry


Which of the following compoun...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`CH_(3)OCH_(3)``CH_(3)OC_(2)H_(5)``C_(2)H_(5)SC_(2)H_(5)``CH_(3)COO CH_(3)`

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hello students the question is which of the following compounds will show metamerism sunao coach position of what is metamerism metamerism is nothing but it is the kind of it is an IC Design isomerism it is an isomer right original this is a type of isomerism which arises due to the presence of different alkyl change due to the presence of different alkyl chains on each side of the function on each side of the functional group this is a type of isomerism which arises due to the different as the due to the presence of different alkyl chains on each side of functional group it is generally seen in involved in ethers

and also in thyroid cause it is like they are is your uncle group and others rsr and give an example of an example of CH3 ch2 ch2 CH3 now what is I put the CH3 over here behind this this this Ch

that the valency is complete structure on both the size 22 carbon atoms are there 1 and 2 1 2 1 2 1 and 2 here to see this is Oxygen and here how many carbon atoms are there inside 1233 carbon atoms and here is how many at the change the changed all guys do that here to now one of these two isomers of these two structures they have same molecular formula see the molecular formula will be same molecular formula will be same rights in carbon atoms hydrogen and oxygen what is the formula of this 4 h 33614

ch341ser you can set this is twice now showing medicine Sonali option will not even then you will get an ethanol like CH3 CH3 CH3 ch2 this is not this will become your functionalized functional isomerism in functions of isomerism what happens when we cannot do this with dimethyl Ether cannot show the mathematician

ch2 CH3 CH3 CH3 and then you will get you will get this CH3 ch2 CH3 ch2 CL CL this is same this is also known as this will also be will also not so I can i r metamerism efficiency C2 h5 Asia

Bihar C2 h5 80 to 85 C25 computer Niger CH3 ch2 ch2 CH3 right now supports Ch 3 year then what we will get this CH3 ch2 ch2 because we put put we have for this CSE Gate 3 CH3 ch2 CH3 a Sulphur and Associate the change write different kinds of the present here and there it was now easier and easier on the side of the function of option C is the correct answer it is showing us the Mehta marriage right

again cannot so why because if you see the structures CS CS CS CS CS CS then you will be get at 3rd sem it will it then it will show functional isomerism this is not able to this is also not be able to see that is C2 h5 asset transfer C2 h5 sec28 ok I hope you understood thank you so much

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