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Which of the following compoun...

Which of the following compounds is not an antacid?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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CimetidinePhenelzine RanitidineAluminium hydroxide

Answer :


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hello students list of equation which of the following compounds is not an advertiser in the post of all the question is asked to what you mean by the name suggests it would be against the now when is an antacid use and how does it relate us to the Chemistry in daily life with GF already Ho this word so it is generally used to neutralize the acidity in our stop acidity in stomach which arises due to in digestion caused you to in digestion it's so in

digestion causes heartburn or you could have some kind of discomfort in your stomach and that is the time when we take and to neutralize the spot if so what is an antacid generally made up of what it would be like alkaline nature generally the cabinet Hydroxide which I use other kind of alkali and alkaline in nature contain which are going to neutralize the acid in our stomach and produce salt and water this particular action reduces all of the discomfort caused by this particular one let's have a look towards these given a draught of the very first one is submitted

distributed in symmetry is a drug which is used to reduce the excess excess acid in our stomach during titration it also treat and prevent the formation of certain types of ulcer stomach ulcer as well as the gas producers take control of all such kind of system analysis sorry this is not related to an antacid and asset category but it is an antidepressant obviously this is going to be given when are

making condition is not so balance so the balancing mechanism is taken care by the centre to present it will improve the mood the nature of the person to whom it is definitely a gain and antacid which is going to be used not only as an antacid but also to prevent peptic ulcer another kind of diseases which are related with related to the aluminium Hydroxide Hydroxide is again inorganic salt dissolves in stomach reacts with the HCL to give us the formation of aluminium Chloride and water if in fact it is

utilising the acid in this particular so this is the way these and among these as your aur 25 is not a tall belonging to this category belongs to the antidepressant option number to text design is not at all and an antacid and I hope you can detect many thank you

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