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Which of the following compounds contains both ionic and covalent bonds?


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the following compounds contain both ionic and covalent bonds we have to check the compound which is both ionic and covalent bond means we'll talk about a year and is known it is formed when you metal and nonmetal combine to form a molecule or you can also say that a metal electropositive and your nonmetals are electronegative so you can say that the Grand formed between your cation and anion leads to the formation of ionic or covalent bond in born means sharing of electrons between two atoms which do not have large electronegativity
why so if there is more electronegative atom so what does it grows electronegativity of other atom having Ch 2 CL 2 hell it is your carbon belongs to 14 groups have Valence Electrons that is 1234 it but it does it forms don't like this but it is sharing to completely shocked ate here it is 12345678 so it is a type of your covalent compounds is this is your covalent compound then we are having chcl3 again this is a carbon 1234 that is your one hydrogen and chlorine again what is doing it is sharing the electron to complete its of date it cannot be break down into the specific times when we are having served over there is Sodium perchlorate this is your sodium
perchlorate hair your any Plus and clo4 - can be differentiated into the first iron l clo4 this is a chlorine belong to 17 group 7 valence electron gain enthalpy is it it is Oxygen what does each year the electron in the clo4 and it dissociate into the and then replace and clo4 it is ionic as well as the covalent compound if I talk about your pcl3 Phosphorus belong to the five energy electron that is 12345 so these are your chlorine and is your lone pair here it cannot be dissociate into the ions these are sharing why so because two computers of data and their this is your compound according to a given question option will be the right that is your sodium perchlorate