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which of the following compoun...

which of the following compound will show stereo isomerism?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

3-Pentarol3-Pentanone But-2-ene Propane

Answer :


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which of the following compounds will show stereoisomerism class first we will draw the structure 3-pentanol software is 3 carbon chain friend and alcohol group one and only means where it is aldehyde group so one and one sided H resumed and 111 and propane is simple basically we need to find the volume will show isomerism class for any compound to show

2 adults should be respected hair there is in first case class here there is no 115 it is rejected it it is it does not show stereoisomerism profile does not so sweet rejected as a double bond but here the fact is so though it is having double bond as you can see it but the fact is that to show C double bond between carbon atoms so that it will not show isomerism so beautiful because firstly it is a double bond between carbon atoms which means that this both items are rated the atoms on other side can be rotated about this these figures atoms so we will draw

dare to isomerism another would be this class education c-class this is first and second isomer so basically this will show isomerism because the reason is it has a double bond between carbon atoms also besides this carbon atom the other two atoms are not same as example carbon

and different and there are two different atoms so it will show stereoisomerism

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