Which of the following compound has/have effective atomic number equal to the atomic number of a noble gas?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello in this question we need to work on which of the following compound is effective atomic number equal to the atomic number of navigate to what is this an effective atomic number which leads formula to take bed sheet with the unit at the contribution from liquid liquid formula Vineet to another state of punishment is which will be giving it a positive or negative impact of compound took a positive and Happy Holi to negative and pathetic that give you but the fall you

can I hold pic which will be containing twice for the discharge and we'll be giving 12 Chloride and fourth one will be the compound did not contain any and honorable and other Party Plot I am waiting ATM value effective atomic number atomic number and atomic number 27 can you need to the product of the day calculate of Trichy state how are you will do that initially react coronavirus in 20 X 4 equal to negative charge power -1 value to what will be we are going to put a minor pickup the oxidation state now you need to have contributed from the Legend is going to have lekin what will be the going to use basically contributing to Electronic 224

8th be adding 812 what will they give 20 7 plus 128 plus it will give you 36 which is a noble gas equation to krypton S compound write em value to be iron which is the atomic number 26 unit to calculate employee apply AP Newton lekin 20 X 4 will be equal to minus the description about value to be managed to you need to put -2 contribution is 12428 doing the partition between tue 28 + 8 2013 in love with this one kiya to check the em value for the third Complex which is given and struggles to Cooperative physically having determined number you need to protect the oxidation state to calculate of the state management unit 11 20 X

Men 2 coordination chart value turns out to be positive of to and you need to eat contribution from Lekin amount to contribute to India natak 26 2012 print with 37 which is not equal into any noble gas number not answer to the fourth option as well this is given to the two ward kramank definitely a great value for Complex 727 number in the lekin present covid-19 to calculate fat Oxidation State latest initially Explorer was negatively into minus 3 X 3 chloro and requires all 20 neutral ligand 30 x 30 overalls charge not given to a g me to visit out to be positive of three after calling for which indicate pin 1 2 3 printer and contributions from leggings with contribute

what happened 27983 than unity of contribution from the lekin visit to is contributed by lone pair of 1 ton to do these are the on two electrons of lone pair of loading total we have 6 and 6 12 intertoto b27 -324 plus 3GB 32 pages of the current krypton number pollution vichar Mein Noble gate number ka first second third fourth and fifth third ke doesn't matter it comes out to be 37 this is the collision thank you

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