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Class 12






Neet Mock Test 20


Which of the following cations...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : D

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hello shooting the question is in which of the following the time is detected by the flame test the options are ki positively to person change into positive energy to process this card printer during test what happens if the platinum wire is taken it is dipped in the concentrated HCL CEO at first the group is clean two to three times and later what happens in a plane class in a clean glass a face is made of a small quantity of sword now the screen loop is given the page and introduced and monuments name and the colour is observed to the basic principle here the electron is present in the ground state at first this is a ground state and this is the excited state as soon as it is heated the electron in the ground state will be get getting excited and it will go to the outer orbital that is it to be excited state you

after sometime this excited electron will now come to the ground state when it is coming to the ground state what happens if it will energy of certain wavelength emitted energy and wavelength and if this wavelength falls in the visible region we are able to see the colour of the compound Sudarshan only happen when the electron is loosely bound to the lower bound and not attracted strongly in the nucleus on let's look into this iron this ke post has the colour violet B2 positive Ash colour of green change into positive hash colour of red 9

mg to positive will not give the spelling test because a small size of mg mg to positive is a very small size due to this small size the nuclear charge will be very high nuclear charge will be very high and the electrons would be excited nuclear charge it will be nuclear charges hai the electrons would be excited and it would fall in the visible region ng2 positive on give the same test the answer to this question is cation mg to positive thank you

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