Which of the following can give immediate turbidity on treatment with Lucas Reagent?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`3^(@)` alcohols`2^(@)` alcohols`1^(@)` alcoholsPhenol

Answer :


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Diwan the following can one degree Alcohol and phenol reagent to basically hydrochloric acid + anhydrous zinc chloride anhydrous zncl2 + HCL is known as what happens in alcohol soluble or insoluble

SN1 mechanism this reaction proceeds via SN1 mechanism of SN1 mechanism depends SN1 mechanism stability of cargo ke time depends the stability of carbocation for SN1 mechanism order of stability for SN1 mechanism of carbon cation is that is 3 degree then 2 degree degree when alcohol

it forms immediately all tertiary alcohols react almost immediately as a form which is which are more stable so it is turbidity is observed immediately is treated with Lucas Reagent alright as you know that time is less stable after 5 minutes is

turbidity unit is now let's talk about 1 degree Alcohol 1 Degree is formed and we know that 1 Degree is the what happens in alcohol takes a lot of time to show turbidity time 3 degree Alcohol is best that gift immediately can we have also been one more

then this is basically what is prime alcohol does not give it is not possible to alcohol react with Lucas reagent ke time most unstable right also it does not obey does not obey SN1 mechanism the SN2 mechanism

response to prime SN2 mechanism is followed which is because slow in SN1 mechanism that is why phenol does not give Lucas 1 Degree equal that is one degree ka book time is the most stable carbocation because here as in 3 degree what like this right there free electron donating groups which makes it more stable whereas in degree ka bouquet time Hare status stabilizing but in case that is

of not that is not enough to stabilize that is why it undergoes SN2 reaction as compared to SN1 reaction 3D alcohol Gate turbidity

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