Updated on:30/05/2023

Which of the following are green house gases ? (a) CO2 (b) O2 (c) O3 (d) CFC (e) H2O


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hello which of the following are greenhouse gases which of the following are greenhouse gases that so here are the options in their lives of Co2 O 243 CFC and water are greenhouse gases are those which absorbs the IR radiation Holi so if I had the all kinds of greenhouse gases that greenhouse gases in the greenhouse gases and 3 is a Greenhouse gas and nitrous oxide is also Greenhouse gas cause gas and methane Ethane is also been house was this a greenhouse gases and along with the CFC chlorofluorocarbons these are the greenhouse gases
these are responsible for ozone depletion also these are the greenhouse gas so let's try to check the option option for that is ok ABCD ABCD ABCD greenhouse gases dissolve the greenhouse the Co2 and O2 CO2 is not go to is not Greenhouse gas to oxygen is not a Greenhouse house guest in the option we will not be so and 3 the greenhouse gases Greenhouse gas and chlorofluorocarbon is also Greenhouse gas and water vapour a Greenhouse gas
this is the answer in this so I can write the right so I can choose answer very easily that is the option which will be a limit of it so I can say this option can hair be it become so so now we're left with a CD and CD are getting the ACD tractor in this way I can see this acdsee correct answer that is water vapour is also a Greenhouse Hazard in this way I can say that option se become strong and weak of the right answer so thank you