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Class 12






Haloalkanes And Haloarenes


Which of the following alkyl h...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution


Answer : D
Solution :  All the given compounds are tertiary alkyl halides but the bond formed between carbon and iodine (C-l) bond is the weakest bond due to large difference in the size of carbon and iodine. So, `(CH_(3))_(3)` C-l aives `S_(N)1` reaction most readily. In other words, iodine is a better leaving group.


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which of the following alkyl halides undergo SN1 reaction most rapidly so basically innocent what exactly happens is less we have an alkyl halide of Ch CH3 CH3 is it is a second degree Alcohol for alkyl halide secondary and analyse the chloride it will leave first and they will be the formation of a curve cation is formed here and this is the deciding parameter the stability of carbocation and will decide how fast the reaction is going to happen it is the RDS rate determining step to know in this question the options are given as all the carbon that 3 degree it is an elaborate the example

333 degree carbon and there is attached CL bromine chlorine and chloride what matters here is how is this halogen will leave the living tendency of the halogen will decide how fast the reaction is going to happen so iodine followed by bromine than chlorine and then Florence this is the living group tendency leaving group tendency which decides the how fast the reaction is going to be so among all these exam options the most readily a carrying Salman reaction will be the fourth option because I didn't is the best leaving group among all the halogens


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